Danmark - Funen Oktober 22 - 28, 2007

heken de visssoort

The fish were moving everywhere along the coast. It was not necessary to walk much as the fish came along to us. This went on the whole day till about 3 o’clock when the fish suddenly went out into the open sea. We could see them getting out of sight by their jumping.

The Black Woolly Buggers did it again and shrimps fished well too. Together we caught 14 fish that day and surely missed twice as many. That happens more often when they are that eager.
Memorable were two fish of 69 and 56cm. My fish of 56 was seen by Fabian, so pleasure for two! A golden mate who coached me on Flyvesandet the next and last day, when I got into a shoal of fish and landed four.

It can be an advantage that your mate is a smoker who sits down now and then; it is a good time for him to spot fish for you.

It was a beautiful day with just the right conditions; sunny, moderate wind, nice temperature, and lots of fish; a day with a golden edge.
Saturday we fished Domsby beach. There was no wind and that did not inspire much confidence. Fabian landed yet another beautiful (escaped) rainbow trout and I missed a beautiful fish just before dark.
Not every day is a festival.

Sunday we left Faaborg and as mentioned, went for Flyfesandet. All together we landed 24 fish this trip. We had a wonderful week.



It gradually becomes a tradition to make a trip to Denmark in the autumn. The sea trout virus gets under the skin, there is no escape anymore. This time we went without the camper, the faithful creature has abandoned us and is in for repair. So we went with a fully loaded car with some things sticking out here and there.






I picked up Fabian in Hamburg first and after a short cat nap we are on our way to Faaborg the following Tuesday. We had our eye set on a campsite which is open all year round, according to the information. Strange that no telephone contact could be made; but that was no reason to change our destination. Of course, camp owners might go on holiday too, and that is just what they had done: they had left for the Spanish sun. In Funen there are campsites which are open year round but we wanted to stay in on the southwest coast. The tourist information office in Faaborg helped us out with a nice apartment in the little town.  In the tourist centre you can make free use of the Internet and it is in use 24 hours! The room was fully equipped (sleeping / cooking / bathing / TV).


walking range. With a mountain bike to hand mobility is complete. If we stay more than a day, then the car comes along. By the time we got settled in the apartment it was already lunchtime. We decided to leave for Lyo first, stay there a couple nights and return to Faaborg where we could explore the coast more thoroughly.The first boat left in two hours, so we quickly went to Sonderjhorne to explore.

The nice thing about a trip to these is-lands is that you can go islandhopping for the same amount as to one of these islands. There are some good coastal sites within


bicycles, extra transport

moment of happiness

It seems that on your first day one must get into a certain rhythm. After an hour and a bit of disillusionment we went for the boat.

There was a warm welcome to their apartments at Ferieligheder on Lyo by the fem. Andersen. We quickly unpacked and went for a few hours of casting that evening. The days are not long in October so we fish as long as there is light and into the dark. That evening session brought two trout of smaller size (forties). We got the impression that there were smaller fish around at the moment. Not much action. Fabian was here two weeks earlier (early October) and then there were a lot more and bigger fish. So we never stick around too long on any spot when nothing is going on. If it doesn’t look good, we move on a few hundred of meters or to a new spot.

The following day (Thursday) was the same story. Many spots were on the windy side and were not fishable due to the coloured water. We decided to say goodbye to Lyo, visit Avernako and than back to Faaborg by night.
On Avernako there is an interesting reef left at the

Friday morning, the alarm went early. It was still dark. Today we went to the island of Aebelo and fish Saturday around Faaborg again. The wind was exactly in the right direction this day, east. The journey takes about 3/4 hour when there is no traffic on the road.
Aebelo has not been disappointing for the last years we have visited. It is worth the 2-4 hour walk trough knee or hip deep water over the flats.

From Faaborg there are many good spots in reach. You can make day trips to the islands Bjorno, Lyo, Avernako and there is even a boat to Aero. On Avernako and Lyo you can also find a place to stay the night.

bijna binnen





giving the arm a moment of rest




within reach




diepe buiging

arrival of the Ferry. In the past we always hooked fish or two here.
This reef stretches several hundred meters out into the bay. A disadvantage here is often the wind; similarly this time. I didn’t catch anything; but it was fun.

The west coast was on the lee side of the island so we tried it; unfortunately the fish were also not around here.

een uitstulping hier en daar