Danmark - Funen 4 to October 11, 2008


hi guys


This trip I made with Dick Jonker. Since this retired fishing mate is flexible in his free time it allows us to decide at the last moment when and where to go. The weather was not ideal and it did not look like it would change in the coming weeks. An easterly wind is favorite but now it was northwest. The temperature was not bad so this was a good chance to check out some new places.







For Dick, this trip was his second, having previously been to Aero. He had to get into it but after a few days he caught up with me.This trip we did not catch the Superfish: sea trout of over 70 cm. We did see a beautiful fish of around 4 or 5 kg breaking the surface. They are there for sure. The majority of the fish we caught were around 35 to 40 cm with a few beautiful, beautiful fish 50+. The first three days I fished as usual, a black Woolly Bugger on the tip.

This week went much too fast.

There were special experiences.
-a seal that we could get so close to it that seemed to be touchable.
- there was a spring tide in the middle of the week and we had to make an hour-long waist deep crossing to reach safety.
-we hit a big shoal of sea trout about 100 metres from the shore on a weed plateau and hooked several fish before they moved away. Also here we had to wade chest deep back (we just made it, before it became hightide and we were trapped)-Dick lost a rod one the morning and on our way back at night it was standing nicely beside the road! Honest people still exist!
- the bungalow in Faaborg was excellent

I fished the same fly for three days! I could have left my flybox at home…  I sharpen the hook after each catch. Ron Thomson has a useful tool for this job, a fountain pen size sharper, which I always bring along.

On this trip together we caught about 20 sea trout. We had to work and drive hard for them.  On this “little” island we drove an extra 800km in a week.

What I also brought along was the “Monometer”. A little container in which you can dispose wasted leader material.
Even the smallest bits it takes. No excuse for leaving nylon at the waterside and polluting the place. Take one along!

I also tried a new floating line, a Loop Option Still Water shooting head. A type of line like the Rio Outbound, but with a nicer, smoo-ther presentation. Furthermore, the running line is smoother too and blistering my fingers belongs to the past.  

into fish

the monomaster

Two weeks after homecoming, I got an email from Fabian. He went for two days to the Varde Au with a colleague and they each caught a salmon, his 6th this the year! (7kg). In
addition, they caught a number of nice sea trout.

Salmon fishing only a 7 hour drive from the Netherlands? It is possible!

This time we went to: Avernako, Bjorne, Aebelo, Sevborg on the east coast of Funen, and even the far north of Langeland was visited. That particular day there was a strong wind and the fishable spots were very limited. We fished the north tip but only caught one sea trout. This was also due to a seal which was circling around us as to say “I can do this job much better than you”! It is a very nice spot with a large mussel bank stretching out into the ocean for more than 100 metres and is about 200 metres wide: a place that is always likely to hold fish. I certainly will go back there.
We saw a few (German) wobbler fishermen. That is a good option in the early spring but in autumn I think fly-fishing has the advantage. We fly fisherman fish at a much shorter range and I do not understand why these fishermen try to reach the horizon. 95% of the time I catch my trout close, within 30 meters of the shore.

on our way to Aebelo






nice autumn seatrout



Funen , till April ?